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Taijiquan(Tai Chi) is one of China's cultural heritages. At various times it has been described as moving meditation, relaxation, gentle exercise and a martial. All of these descriptions are correct, as Taijiquan is like a rare diamond that presents many facets, when viewed from different vantage points.

It's health benefits are widely known, and it is now becoming extremely popular in the West. This is due the fact, that is on efew health and fitness activities, that can be practised through a person's entire life span. Another being that it is highly effective in promoting good health and mental well-being.

It is one of East-West Health & Fitness Works' most popular service. Everyone can enjoy its benefits. Age and sex are no barrier to enjoying this ancient art.


Stress Management
Increased Muscular Strength
Increased Flexibility
Increased Lung Capacity
Increased Bone Density

Taijiquan has also been proven to be statistically signifant in decreasing the number of falls amongst the elderly(National Institute on Aging's study reported in the Journal of American Medical Association).