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East-West Health & Fitness Works
East-West Health & Fitness Works


Our business is expanding !!!

New to Nowra!

Due to the recent success of our Taijiquan and Qigong classes, we have received requests to conduct similar classes in Nowra. We are happy to announce, that we hope to open Taijiquan and Qigong classes in Nowra in the near future. Keep on eye on this site for announcements, or Email us your contact details, so that we can contact you when we start.

Requests have also been made to start a Wing Chun class in Nowra. If demand is sufficient, we will also be starting a Wing Chun class in Nowra as well. Please contact us if you are interested in Wing Chun.

Anyone Interested in Wing Chun Kung-Fu in the Moruya Area ?

Dr Franco Rossi is considering setting up a Wing Chun kung-fu training group in Moyrua. He is a local resident, and he will be supported in his endeavours by East-West Health & Fitness Works' government accredited kung-fu coaches.

If you wish to known more please contact East-West Health and Fitness Works on (02) 4227 6539 or (02) 4446 0880.

It's finally here!

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Our latest serivce is now open to the public.